MKT Course List

GCIT1003 IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work


This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of Information Technology (IT), and develops students’ confidence in using computers and computer applications. Useful and practical course contents are selected for learning how to be a competitive person in this information era. Students are introduced to the background of Computer Science, and the modern IT sector. Some of the major IT organisations are introduced, and current IT issues and questions are discussed. The basic architecture and design of a computer is explained. Software applications useful for students of all majors are introduced.

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BUS4063 International Business


The primary objectives of this course are: (1) to provide students with a basic understanding of the theories and concepts of international business; (2) to discuss the economic, cultural and political factors in shaping the international business environment; (3) to introduce different functional areas of international corporations management with reference to problems and issues of doing business with developing countries and centrally planned economies’ and (4) to familiarise students with the international business activities of Hong Kong companies.

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MKT3063 Internet and Socially Responsible Marketing


This course has the following aims: (1) to examine the impact of Internet on planning of marketing strategies and practices; (2) to develop a general framework to enable the design of internet marketing programmes; (3) to introduce the concepts of ethical marketing and socially responsible marketing decision for today’s organisations; (4) to design a marketing strategy that put corporate social responsibility first and utilise it to improve competitiveness and achieve long term sustainability; (5) to make use of internet to fulfil and perform corporate social responsibility that expected by stakeholders.

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BUS4023 Management Information Systems


This course aims to provide an introduction to the field of management information systems (MIS). Students will learn how to analyse the business processes for an enterprise system. Then, the technical foundation, including different kinds of hardware and software, will be introduced such that students can think of tools to enhance improvement for the companies. After that, students will learn how the companies apply management information systems to maintain their competitive edge nowadays. Last, but not the least, students will learn how to develop and to manage information systems in organisations.

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MKT3073 Marketing Communications


This course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and independence of thought so that they can appreciate the role of marking communication within its broader context, and critically evaluate marketing communication theories and models before applying them to practical marketing situations.

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MKT3053 Marketing Internship


This course aims to provide students an opportunity to gain real-life working experience related to the various issues and activities associated with an organisation’s marketing function. Under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors, students will work in an organisation as interns and complete work assignments that are primarily related to the organisation’s marketing activities. The internship assignment is expected to take up no less than 120 hours to complete, and it may or may not be paid.

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MKT4023 Marketing Management in China


This course aims at providing students with marketing management theories and skills, particularly an understanding of the marketing environment, marketing mix and practices in China. Emphasis will be placed on combining marketing concepts with practical business requirements in China business. The current developments, problems and issues of doing marketing in China will also be examined.

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MKT3023 Marketing Research


This course introduces students to the theories and practices of marketing research. This course covers: (1) the role, importance and limitations of marketing research; (2) basic procedures of marketing research; (3) various research techniques commonly used in marketing research; (4) applications of marketing research

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MKT4003 Marketing Strategy


This course focuses on providing students with the knowledge and experience of planning and executing marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is part of the overall strategic management planning process with a specific mission on delivering value to customers. This course balances theories and practices. Apart from lectures and tutorials, it also utilises other means, such as case studies, guest talks, to enhance students’ critical thinking abilities, problem solving capabilities and effective communication skills. To familiarise students with current marketing situation, marketing issues in Hong Kong and China are examined.

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GCNU1023 Mathematics Around Us


This course stresses the prevalence, relevance, and practicality of mathematics in the modern society especially in the context of planning and scheduling in management science, and issues concerning social choice and decision-making. Numerous real world examples are discussed. The mathematical techniques involved are taught through hands-on applications

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BUS2003 Organisational Behaviour


The purpose of the course is to introduce students to organisational behaviour principles and concepts. Students can identify and define key concepts in the organisational behaviour area; define basic theories and research about the nature and functioning of organisations as well as managers’ roles and responsibilities within organisations; develop the students’ ability to diagnose organisational situations and apply concepts and theories to help solve organisational problems; acquaint with the nature, forms, and scope of behaviour in business organisations.

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ACCT2003 Principles of Accounting I

会计学原理 I

The objective of this course is to provide students with a general understanding of basic accounting concepts, accounting cycle (bookkeeping), principles and their applications in some elementary financial accounting topics including cash; current assets and current liabilities; inventory and non-current assets.

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ACCT2013 Principles of Accounting II

会计学原理 II

The objective of this course is to provide students with a general understanding of basic accounting concepts, accounting cycle (bookkeeping), principles and their applications in some selected financial and management topics including partnerships; corporations; non-current liabilities; cash flow statement; financial performance analysis; accounting for manufacturing operations; cost behaviour and CVP analysis; budgeting and budgetary control.

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BUS2013 Principles of Law


Introducing to business students a comprehensive overview of the Hong Kong legal system and the basic principles of contract law and the law of tort, which are two of the important areas of business law

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ECON2003 Principles of Macroeconomics


This course aims to introduce students with the main building blocks of macroeconomics, so as for students to acquire a basic understanding of how a market economy functions, to appreciate the critical macroeconomic issues facing the society, and to understand to a certain degree the going debate on these issues. This is a necessary preparation not only for many careers in private and public sectors but also for responsible citizenship in modern society.

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