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ENG2173 American Literature: Traditions of Democracy and Dissent


This course provides an overview of American literature, touching on major themes, texts, and contexts. Students will read widely and gain perspectives on the cultural history of America. Through writing tasks, students will also be asked to reflect on the literature they have read as well as explore the various ways of interpreting literary texts. Instructors should cover areas from the recommended readings below.

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ENG2163 British Literature: the Empire and the Crisis of Identity

英国文学:帝国与认同 危机

This course provides an overview of British literature, touching on major themes, texts, and contexts. Students will read widely and gain perspectives on the cultural history of Britain. Through writing tasks, students will also be asked to reflect on the literature they have read as well as explore various ways of interpreting literary texts. Instructors must cover areas from the recommended readings below.

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TESL3083 Classroom Communication for Language Teachers


This course aims to prepare students to undertake language-teaching practicum in a school setting; develop their communication skills as a teacher in an English language classroom; and enhance their awareness of the patterns of classroom interaction and communication of the teacher and the learners.

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ENG3173 Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism


This course will introduce students to some of the principal approaches to literary interpretation and critical theory. Students will be expected to read short selections of theoretical texts, and to investigate the application of critical approaches to literature. One aim of the course will be to provoke students to engage with diverse schools of critical theory from the biographical, comparative, and psychoanalytic to Marxist, gender critical, and postcolonial theories. Students will respond to weekly writing prompts on the critical theories and/ or literatures with the objective of producing reflective, interpretative, creative, and argumentative pieces.

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ENG2153 Creative Writing for Publication


This course will deepen creative writing skills and creative aptitude through the exploration by students of different genres of fiction and non-fiction writing. Apart from gaining experience and confidence in writing, students will develop an appreciation for the ways in which language, identity, and personal growth are inter-connected. Above all, students will come to understand that writing is a process which comprises revision and careful editing. By presenting their work to the class on a regular basis, speech and presentations skills will be improved. Further, students will learn how to format their work for submission to an agent, editor and/ or publisher.

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TESL3033 Curriculum Development and Materials Design


This course aims to (1) help students understand the concepts of development, process, change and evaluation in curriculum and materials design, with particular reference to ELT; (2) help them explore the factors affecting curriculum development and their impact on materials design; and (3) help them explore the role of the teacher in curriculum development.

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ENG3163 Dramatic Words: Theatre and Performance


This course will require students to read, analyse, and perform dramatic works in English. The course will build on students’ previous knowledge of dramatic form and performance techniques, to advance knowledge by analysing major genres and generic conventions within the discipline, such as comedy, tragedy, realism, theatre of the absurd, etc., in order to further enhance and strengthen students’ drama education and understanding. The course will examine significant classical and contemporary works from key Western dramatists, comparatively read via a particular generic frame. It will explore theories and styles of drama and place the specific readings in their social, political, and theoretical contexts. At the same time, it will develop understanding of creative processes and performance techniques associated with the production of plays.

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ENG4123 Editing and Publishing Practicum I

编辑与出版实习 I

The course is devoted to the content-related aspects of the publication process so as to prepare students to take Editing and Publishing Practicum II, which focuses on the production-related aspects of the publication process. Herein, the students will seek out and assess critically works for publications with the objective of designing a publication in Editing and Publishing Practicum II. The students will be asked in the process to produce original literary and/or non-literary works with the aim of understanding the writing and submission processes from the writer, editor, and publisher’s perspectives. Further, the students will demonstrate through a research project their knowledge of the publishing industry, including developments in critical and editorial assessment tools and in publishing standards.

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ENG2183 English Phonetics and Phonology


This course aims to introduce students to basic concepts in phonetics and phonology, and the sounds and sound system of English; develop students’ recognition and production of the sounds of various English dialects; and develop their ability to analyse phonological phenomena and phonological structure.

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ENG3153 English Through Media


The course aims to : (1) help students improve their English proficiency through media; (2) expose students to different methods of language learning using different types of media; (3) teach students to think critically about various forms of media in English; and (4) teach students to think critically about how media represents language and culture.

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TESL2003 First and Second Language Acquisition


This course aims to introduce students to central issues in language acquisition; help them to understand the processes of language acquisition and foster their ability to conduct a meaningful project which relates to language acquisition.

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TESL3063 Language Teaching Methodology


This course aims to develop: students’ practical skills and techniques of teaching foreign languages; students’ ability to design and or select content and materials, and evaluate student and teacher performance.

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ENG3203 Language and Intercultural Communication


This course aims to develop an understanding of communication practices between people of different cultural identities and in culturally complex professional contexts; explore the representations of different groups in the media and in professional discourse; and equip students with the strategies for how they may approach intercultural communication in an effective way.

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TESL4053 Language-Teaching Practicum I

语言教学实习 I

This course provides students with practical experience in teaching English in a school setting (primary or secondary), under the guidance of an academic supervisor and a mentor teacher at the host school.

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ENG2143 New Media Literacies


This course aims to develop: an interdisciplinary perspective on how various new media, such as the internet, multimedia and text messaging, shape our communication practices and possibilities; the critical skills requisite to analyse and reflect on the literacy practices in various types of new media discourse, and the creative skills requisite to design multimodal forms of new media discourse for effective communication.

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