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CCM2133 3D Technology in Art and Cultural Heritage of China

中国艺术、文化遗产与 3D 应用

This course aims at exploring the basic concepts of art history and cultural heritage in China, in order to tackle misconceptions about Chinese history and civilization. It also investigates possibilities of utilizing 3D technology in studying art history and cultural heritage of China. With course materials such as 3D models and online videos, students can observe artifacts with their own perspectives. Students are also required to create an English video clip introducing their selected 3D model of artifacts. After completing this course, it is expected that students will be able to generate 3D models and will also develop appropriate skills to examine a variety of historical sources.

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ACCT4063 Accounting Internship


This course aims to provide an opportunity for students to gain real-life working experience in accounting, finance or related organizations. The primary intention of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to work in various departments related to their discipline including auditing, taxation, financial accounting, and corporate governance functions. A secondary intention is for students to use the internship placement to broaden their own experience beyond the limitations of their chosen discipline. Under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors, students will work in an organization as interns and complete work assignments that are primarily related to the students’ discipline. The internship assignment is expected to take up no less than 150 hours to complete plus 12 hours of lecture at the College, and it may or may not be paid for. Students will be assisted by UIC, but they are responsible to find appropriate internship placements. The host organization will nominate a contact person for the student for the duration of the internship.

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MATH4043 Actuarial Mathematics


This course introduces the mathematics of life contingencies. Areas to be studied include survival distributions and construction of life tables; and the calculation of values of life insurance, of life annuities and of benefit premiums.

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CHEM4003 Advanced Biochemistry and Laboratory


This laboratory course provides students with both theory and practice of modern biochemical techniques. Topics will include cell culture, immunological methods, genetic engineering, and protein separation technology.

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PRA3053 Advanced Design and Visualisation


This course focuses on the creative and visual aspects of advertising design. Students are required to generate creative ideas and visualise their concepts aided by computer. Learning will be emphasised through the hands-on practice of assignments and projects.

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CTV4183 Advanced Directing


This course will help advance the student’s understanding and appreciation for the craft of acting as a director. First, the course will focus on examining the history and theory behind various acting methods. Then, students will focus on learning the fundamental skills and concepts related to one of those methods. They will work through a series of exercises – as actors - culminating in the performance of scenes and/or monologues. In the last part of the course, students will refine their skills in directing actors. Topics covered will include casting, script analysis, actor communication, rehearsal strategies and techniques, and working in different genres. This will culminate in the presentation of short, directed scenes.

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TRA4083 Advanced English for Translators


This course builds on the English skills developed in English for Translators in order to further develop students’ proficiency in translation from Chinese to English in professional contexts. Special focus will be given to the training of students in evaluating socially acceptable linguistic choices in specific communication communities.

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CTV3053 Advanced Film Sound and Music Recording and Mixing


This course will build upon basic sound recording and editing skills previously taught. Students will learn about major film composers and matching music to emotional content, while listening skills will be sharpened in order to recognize and analyse the techniques used in sound design both in relation to visual images and to the psychological and metaphorical uses of sound. Skills and techniques required for successful recording of dialog, Foley, effects, and backgrounds will be taught, while students discover the critical importance of dialog editing, and creation of sound design elements for film. Students will be encouraged to think critically and creatively as they appreciate the crucial importance of good sound for all films, TV, and media.

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JOUR3063 Advanced Photojournalism


This course explores the nature of documentary photography and the use of photos to build a news narrative. Students will build the introductory course and produce meaningful, informative and artistic photographs suitable for publication in an editorial publication. Central themes will include ethics in photojournalism. Students will master the ability to create a magazine style photo spread, create a portfolio suitable to present to working photo editors during job interviews or client based assignments.

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ENG4113 Advanced Professional Writing


The class builds on the skills and the knowledge base acquired in Professional and Technical Writing to further their abilities to analyse and to present in written form information and concepts to audiences in global business contexts. Students will learn to apply writing techniques and strategies to present information accessibly and will be provided with the skills to edit their own professional and technical writing as well as those of their peers. Students will be invited to consider professional writing both as practical discipline and as a scholarly field.

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CTV4103 Advanced Scriptwriting


This course builds upon the concepts and methods presented in CTV2023 (Scriptwriting), as students will explore the challenging process of writing an original feature length film and TV series. Advanced techniques for creating full-length drama scripts for movie and television will be introduced and practised, and they will better prepare students for future scriptwriting for the Final Year Project, TV and Film Internships, and the transition to professional work. Apart from expanding on the process of individual creative writing, we will also explore several other common professional collaborative writing scenarios, such as writing for another director, a producer, or team writing for TV.

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OR4013 Advanced Topics in Operations Research


This is a continuation of OR3013 Linear Programming and Integer Programming, and OR4003 Dynamic Programming and Inventory Control. Some advanced topics will be introduced to those students who are interested in mathematical models arising from industrial and commercial applications.

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PRA3103 Advertising Portfolio Development


The course aims to train students in producing a portfolio of creative works. Students will work with teammates to produce creative advertising materials, and develop strategic thinking and insight-building skills. Students will be prepared for professional excellence through research, planning, and implementation activities.

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PRA4043 Advertising Regulation and Ethics


The field of advertising law and regulation is one of the broadest and most complex areas of study in all of mass communication. Commercial speech is considered quite different from journalistic protections and ensuring the free flow of honest information is a concern of every government worldwide. The ethics of advertising consider internal pressures that practitioners face in trying to maximise their success. When ethics lapse into deception and dishonesty, then the government must initiate legal procedures to protect its citizenry. All of these processes are complicated in that society and technology change constantly and new ethical and regulatory dilemmas arise even as old ones are decided.

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PRA4003 Advertising and Society


The course provides an in-depth examination of advertising as a form of social communication in contemporary society. Stressed are the meanings and functions of advertising in modern culture and advertising’s psychological, ideological, and sociological implications. Relevant ethical dimension and responsibilities are considered.

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