ATS Course List

TRA4083 Advanced English for Translators


This course builds on the English skills developed in English for Translators in order to further develop students’ proficiency in translation from Chinese to English in professional contexts. Special focus will be given to the training of students in evaluating socially acceptable linguistic choices in specific communication communities.

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GCVM1003 Applied Ethics in Humanities and Social Sciences


This course aims to foster lifelong learning, an inquiring spirit and critical perspective on moral beliefs and practices, through engaging in debates, studying particular cases and discussing the major ethical and moral arguments as presented in one or more philosophical and/or religious traditions. Identify and reflect on ethical issues, and to critically analyse ethical arguments in an informed and thoughtful way

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TRA4003 Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation


This course builds on students’ foundation in the theory and principles of translation in order to provide training in the conduct of in-depth analysis and in the review of translation. Further, it focuses on diverse schools of translation criticism and asks students both to apply those theoretic tools to analyse other translations while also performing rigorous self-examinations.

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GCCH1013 Chinese Thought through the Ages


(1) introduce important thought that have produced extremely important and significant impact on Chinese social development from past to present; (2) make a connection with contemporary social status by selecting a number of philosophical issues such as harmony, homogeneity/heterogeneity, conflict and unity, diversity and sustainability etc.; (3) analyse how ‘the past affects the present’, and how Chinese traditional thought has influenced the development and evolvement of contemporary Chinese society; and (4) help the students to have a better understanding of Chinese thought through different historical periods and to strengthen their sense of identity.

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TRA3113 Commercial Translation


This course will train students to apply their knowledge base to practise commercial translation. Commercial translation includes, but is not limited to, the documents of banking, finance, logistics, and business transaction. Students will synthesise the linguistic functions and stylistic analysis of commercial documents, and determine for the most appropriate translation strategies.

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TRA2033 Communication and Translation


This course provides the students with the knowledge and skills base to achieve a competency in translation and bilingual communication. Fundamental theories of bilingual and bicultural communication will be summarised. Students will apply the theoretical framework to perform translation and bilingual communication in diverse professional and cultural contexts.

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TRA3123 Computer-Aided Translation


This course aims to provide students with basic training in computer-aided translation (CAT), helping them acquire knowledge in and understanding of CAT, machine translation (MT) and other translation technology utilized by translators in the industry. Significantly, this course equips students with hand-on experience in the application of MT and CAT tools, including Trados and/ or Déjà vu: technology designed to increase translation efficiency and enhance translation quality.

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TRA2023 Contrastive Language Studies: English and Chinese


This course trains students to categorise the linguistic components in Chinese and English languages. Students will then identify the distinctive linguistic features for both languages, and integrate a contrastive analysis in order to develop effective problem-solving strategies.

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TRA3033 Culture and Translation


This course analyses the relationship between culture and translation. It identifies the translator as cultural mediator and applies the bicultural knowledge and sensitivities of students to the practice of translation. The significance of culture in translation will be measured and translation strategies will be provided in order to guide students in effectively engaging the cultural gaps between Chinese and non-Chinese cultures.

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TRA3073 Drama Translation


This course focuses on the “translatability” and “performativity” of the source texts. Differences in translation purposing to be read and to be played on stage will be compared and critiqued. The students’ understanding of contemporary theory will be enhanced through the analysis of playscripts and their corresponding translations.

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GCLA1903 English I

大学英文 I

The course involves instruction of English as both an academic subject and a foreign/second language. The course focuses on fundamental language skills that are related to reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is also designed to enable students to study their major courses more effectively by focusing on the basic language and thinking skills of academic reading and writing.

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GCLA1913 English II

大学英文 II

Course objectives are aimed at further developing and improving the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to a level appropriate for university study. This course builds on the skills taught in English I by taking the sentence writing skills from that course and developing them into academic style paragraphs using different patterns of organisation. The course will broaden student awareness of reading for academic purpose by instructing how to interpret different textual styles.

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GCLA1923 English III

大学英文 III

The course involves a careful instruction of English as both an academic subject and a second language. Students will be able to respond to and convey ideas in areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Speaking will focus on articulation and target language. Patterns of organization will be stressed in speaking and writing. Specific grammar and vocabulary will be addressed within essays. Reading and listening material will be accessed primarily from electronic resources and the library in order to facilitate comprehension of academic sources.

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GCLA1933 English IV

大学英文 IV

This course prepares students for communicating in an academic environment. Major topics of this course include research activities which will enable students to find appropriate academic sources about the topics being studied and use references to support their writing. Public speaking skills will be introduced to enhance their spoken language. Reading and listening material will be accessed primarily from electronic resources and the library in order to further academic research skills and avoid plagiarism.

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TRA3013 English for Translators


This course builds on the English skills developed in foundation course in order to enhance students’ proficiency in translation from Chinese to English in professional contexts. Especial focus will be given to the training of students in making effective linguistic and communicative choices in diverse professional and cultural contexts.

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