MKT Course List

BUS4003 BBA Project


The course aim is to provide an opportunity for students: (1) to develop their individual analytical and intellectual abilities; (2) to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the degree programme to a real, practical business problem; and (3) to prepare themselves for the transition from college to the work situation.

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MKT3043 Brand Management


This course focuses on providing students with the knowledge and experience of brand building and management. On successful completion of this course, students should understand the nature and importance of branding building in marketing practice. In addition, they should also possess the strategic thinking and techniques in developing and managing brands that enhance an organisation’s marketing competence.

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BUS3003 Business Communications


This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the essential concepts, practices and basic models of business communication and to develop their skills necessary for communicating professionally in the current business and technological context. The course emphasises the application of concepts and methods of written and oral communication activities and is focused on developing the students’ ability to function in a community and team.

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GCVM1023 Business Ethics


This course covers a wide range of ethical issues selected to increase the students’ awareness of ethical issues that corporations and professional managers experience. It is designed specifically to educate students regarding the legal and social behaviours expected of business people and how these behaviours set a base for corporate social responsibility. Most importantly, this course enables students to understand and apply their personal values in making business decisions and to resolve ethical dilemmas in business situations. As this course introduces students to an array of principles and new perspectives that will encourage critical thinking to contest their pre-existing ideas and beliefs, it will enable them to develop a more global perspective and attain a successful career, either as an employee or as a manager.

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BUS3023 Business Research Methods


The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of research methods that are currently used in business and to develop in the students a strong capacity to grasp the complexity of inquiry into theoretical and applied business problems. The objectives are to introduce students to the theoretical and analytical issues which are shaping contemporary business research thinking and practice, to address the key components which might comprise the essential elements of conducting research in an applied business setting, and to provide opportunities for students to engage in survey, case analyses, experiential exercises and library research which are aimed at skill development in conducting research.

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MKT4053 Business to Business Marketing


The business-to-business arena entails a complex market of commercial enterprises, public organisations and government institutions. This course aims to teach the students to market products or services to other companies, government bodies, institutions, and other organisations. It also provides the student an overall understanding of the different components in the B2B market. Last but not least, it enables the students to learn the theories and practical skills in designing and managing the B2B marketing strategy effectively.

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GCCH1013 Chinese Thought through the Ages


(1) introduce important thought that have produced extremely important and significant impact on Chinese social development from past to present; (2) make a connection with contemporary social status by selecting a number of philosophical issues such as harmony, homogeneity/heterogeneity, conflict and unity, diversity and sustainability etc.; (3) analyse how ‘the past affects the present’, and how Chinese traditional thought has influenced the development and evolvement of contemporary Chinese society; and (4) help the students to have a better understanding of Chinese thought through different historical periods and to strengthen their sense of identity.

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MKT3033 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy


The purpose of this course is to study the overall consumer decision-making process. Consumer decision pattern determines the formulation of marketing strategy. Students are able to develop consumer behaviour preference marketing tactic to enhance marketing mix functions. Major areas covered are: the consumer as an individual, consumers in their social and cultural settings, the consumer’s decision-making process and developing relevant and effective marketing strategies for consumers.

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MKT3003 Customer Relationship Management


This course introduces students to the theories and practices of customer relationships management. Students are learned how to translate the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business strategy into marketing and how to build analytical CRM and enable organisational processes. Emphasis is placed on customer profiling, buyer motivation, customer communications, customer service centre operations, customer databases, different CRM strategies, and the role of measuring and managing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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GCLA1903 English I

大学英文 I

The course involves instruction of English as both an academic subject and a foreign/second language. The course focuses on fundamental language skills that are related to reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is also designed to enable students to study their major courses more effectively by focusing on the basic language and thinking skills of academic reading and writing.

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GCLA1913 English II

大学英文 II

Course objectives are aimed at further developing and improving the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to a level appropriate for university study. This course builds on the skills taught in English I by taking the sentence writing skills from that course and developing them into academic style paragraphs using different patterns of organisation. The course will broaden student awareness of reading for academic purpose by instructing how to interpret different textual styles.

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GCLA1923 English III

大学英文 III

The course involves a careful instruction of English as both an academic subject and a second language. Students will be able to respond to and convey ideas in areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Speaking will focus on articulation and target language. Patterns of organization will be stressed in speaking and writing. Specific grammar and vocabulary will be addressed within essays. Reading and listening material will be accessed primarily from electronic resources and the library in order to facilitate comprehension of academic sources.

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GCLA1933 English IV

大学英文 IV

This course prepares students for communicating in an academic environment. Major topics of this course include research activities which will enable students to find appropriate academic sources about the topics being studied and use references to support their writing. Public speaking skills will be introduced to enhance their spoken language. Reading and listening material will be accessed primarily from electronic resources and the library in order to further academic research skills and avoid plagiarism.

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FIN2003 Financial Management


The objective of this course is to enable students to (1) understand the fundamental concepts in finance; (2) assess alternative investment possibilities; and (3) evaluate different sources of financing projects.

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MKT3013 Global Marketing


Global marketing addresses global issues that challenge today’s international marketer and describes the concepts relevant to all international marketers regardless of the extent of their international involvement. This course aims at students to keep pace with the changes facing businesses now and into the future. As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. Progress toward the single market in Europe has continued, the former communist countries have continued to embrace free markets, a number of symptoms including major declines in currency values and wide spread bankruptcy of highly leveraged firms that had taken on an enormous burden of dollar debt to finance of dubious expansion projects. These are not simply news reports but changes that affect the practice of business worldwide.

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