MKT Course List

MKT2003 Principles of Marketing Management


The objective of this course is to introduce students to the essential concepts of marketing and their application in contemporary dynamic business environment. This course aims at helping students to develop an awareness of and the sensitivity to the marketing activities on one’s daily life as consumers. This course also helps student to understand the marketing management functions of planning, organisation and control and develop skills to make optional marketing decisions.

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ECON2013 Principles of Microeconomics


This course aims first to introduce students with the basic principles and the main building blocks of microeconomics. The students should appreciate the relevance of the course materials in real life, and learn to apply them in analysing some simple economic problems commonly encountered by individuals and firms. The major topics covered are: the market forces of demand and supply, and the associated concept of elasticity; the key role of price in the resource allocation; the efficiency of, and some possible problem with, the market mechanism; the various cost measures for firms; the different forms of market competition, and the impact on social welfare; and finally, the basic role of government in the economy.

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MKT4033 Retail Management


This course aims at providing students with the understanding of the critical role that retailing plays in the business world and how retailing can be coordinated with the other marketing mix elements to further enhance the marketing functions. Both the current retailing practices and the general retailing theories are described in order to provide students with the necessary insight to operate a retail establishment successfully.

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MKT4043 Sales Management


Effective management of a company’s sales force is essential to the successful implementation of its overall marketing plan. This course provides students with overall understanding of the roles of sales management in a corporation and the theories as well as the empirical practices in managing a sales force effectively. The course also aims to study the sales management process from personal selling point of view and managerial point of view. This course will cover three main areas in Sales Management (1) the nature and scope of sales management in part I, IV; (2) the essence of the selling process in Part II and III; and (3) sales promotion and sales channel in Part V and VI.

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GCCH1023 Selected Themes in Chinese History and Civilisation


This course aims to provide students with (1) knowledge on the various aspects of China’s unique cultural qualities and achievements from past to present; (2) a rich vocabulary for them to be able to illustrate the historical eras of Chinese civilization; (3) the ability to critically analyse various cultural phenomena by looking at a wide spectrum of traditional Chinese ways of life; and (4) the awareness, interests and curiosities in Chinese history and civilization from a cultural perspective.

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MKT2013 Service Learning and Community Engagement


Students must have at least year 3 standing Course Description: This course provides students with an opportunity for active learning and enables them to build a sense of social responsibility and commitment that are essential when they apply their business and professional skills to their careers. This is a community-based instruction course intended to promote students’ civic responsibility and to strengthen their problem-solving and decision making skills by acquiring hands-on experience in community projects provided by NGOs and not-for-profit organisations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries. It is a reciprocally beneficial course, with meaningful service being provided to the community and meaningful learning experiences being provided to the student.

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MKT4013 Services Marketing


This course will introduce the core principles, concepts and marketing strategies specific to the services sector. An overview of the services marketing process and its differences from the marketing of customer products will be presented. Topics will include quality control, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in a variety of service industries.

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GCNU1003 Speaking of Statistics


This course provides students with an understanding of fundamental statistical techniques commonly used in social science, business, and science today. The emphasis is on statistical thinking, concepts and data analysis. Students are required to solve a variety of problems using statistical packages.

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BUS4013 Strategic Management


This course aims to prepare the student for a successful business career by providing them with a broad understanding of the importance and complexity of strategic decisions and how they require an integration of all aspects of business operations. It focuses on developing the skills required of senior/general managers to diagnose business problems and opportunities and to develop and implement effective courses of action.

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GCCH1003 University Chinese


This course aims to (1) help students to master advanced knowledge and skills in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing; (2) teach some of the advanced features of Chinese literature, and the interrelationship between literature, society and culture in ancient and contemporary China, and (3) develop students’ ability to analyse, evaluate and appreciate literary writings.

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