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JOUR3063 Advanced Photojournalism


This course explores the nature of documentary photography and the use of photos to build a news narrative. Students will build the introductory course and produce meaningful, informative and artistic photographs suitable for publication in an editorial publication. Central themes will include ethics in photojournalism. Students will master the ability to create a magazine style photo spread, create a portfolio suitable to present to working photo editors during job interviews or client based assignments.

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JOUR3043 Advanced Reporting and Writing


This course introduces some of the most important theories and techniques of advanced news reporting. This course enables students to understand these basic theories and techniques by applying them in journalistic practice. Doing so is crucial to ensure that students will succeed in journalism, or any other field based on research-based writing.

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JOUR4133 Analysis of Media Content and Media Frames


This course aims at providing students with: (1) Knowledge of theory and logic of both systematic quantitative content analysis and systematic qualitative content analysis procedures; (2) Understanding: students reflect the underlying epistemological problems. Also the study of classic content analysis helps both understand this method better and inspire applications in our own research; (3) Practice: Students carry out the different steps in both types of content analysis, so they are able to carry out content analysis research and to become familiar with procedures as well as common problems in setting up and carrying out content analysis; (4) Evaluation: Understand how to critically evaluate and improve content analysis methods used in previous studies; (5) Facilitating: For Bachelor thesis writing.

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GCVM1003 Applied Ethics in Humanities and Social Sciences


This course aims to foster lifelong learning, an inquiring spirit and critical perspective on moral beliefs and practices, through engaging in debates, studying particular cases and discussing the major ethical and moral arguments as presented in one or more philosophical and/or religious traditions. Identify and reflect on ethical issues, and to critically analyse ethical arguments in an informed and thoughtful way

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JOUR2003 Broadcast Journalism I

新闻广播 I

This course aims at equipping students with the basic knowledge and skills in the gathering, writing, and production of radio and television news as a broadcast news reporter. The legal and regulatory framework, as well as the news environment in Hong Kong is introduced.

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JOUR3123 Broadcast Journalism II

新闻广播 II

This course introduces the styles, formats, and production techniques of the more complex types of radio and television journalism, including long-form reporting, investigative journalism, major event coverage, overseas coverage, and public affairs programmes. Students develop advanced broadcast writing skills; become familiar with the techniques of producing both "live" and taped radio and television news and public affairs programmes; undertake research, planning, and production of major news event coverage and public affairs programmes; and receive training as potential newsroom supervisors or news and public affairs executives.

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JOUR3133 Broadcast Journalism III

新闻广播 III

This course aims to further equip students with the knowledge and skills involved in producing a short documentary film. Through lectures, discussions, and practical hands-on sessions and projects, students will continue to learn and refine the application of the techniques required in non-fiction storytelling, filming, and editing sound and images. This is a practical course toward developing a 20-minute documentary FYP.

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JOUR4053 Business and Financial Reporting


This course prepares students to report on economic events and trends in Hong Kong, China, and the broader Asia-Pacific Region. A global perspective of economic and financial situations is explored.

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GCCH1013 Chinese Thought through the Ages


(1) introduce important thought that have produced extremely important and significant impact on Chinese social development from past to present; (2) make a connection with contemporary social status by selecting a number of philosophical issues such as harmony, homogeneity/heterogeneity, conflict and unity, diversity and sustainability etc.; (3) analyse how ‘the past affects the present’, and how Chinese traditional thought has influenced the development and evolvement of contemporary Chinese society; and (4) help the students to have a better understanding of Chinese thought through different historical periods and to strengthen their sense of identity.

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JOUR4013 Communication Theory


A broad spectrum of theoretical development is explored encompassing mass communication theories. Application of the theories is an important component of the class, especially within the context of media industry in Chinese society in order to provide a theoretical framework to meet the dynamic changes in the discipline of communication

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JOUR4083 Convergent Journalism I

整合新闻 I

Introduce students to a variety of journalism practices involving new media, wired and wireless communication technologies at both the applied and the theoretical level. There is a particular focus on journalism, multimedia and the Internet. Throughout the course we will discuss basic journalism practices and the use of technologies. Through lectures, discussions, presentations, and practical sessions, students will also learn how to make the best use of the latest communication tools to create compelling and accurate journalism content as well as anticipate future trends and issues. Lab sessions are incorporated into the course to give students hands-on experience.

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JOUR4093 Convergent Journalism II

整合新闻 II

Topics introduced in I are taken up again at a higher level of difficulty as part of a progression of development.

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JOUR3013 Copyediting


This course provides the intellectual and practical skills necessary to see written copy from submission to print, including the organisation and improvement of original written material as well as the technical processes through which writing is transferred to the printed page. Use of photographs and other graphic material to improve appearance and aid understanding is introduced. Exercises in print production and design and in desktop publishing are provided.

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JOUR4103 Editing Laboratory I

编辑实验室 I

In this course, students continue their work on the editing of newspaper. The course provides continuing opportunities for students to develop their professional skills and knowledge of newspaper production.

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JOUR4113 Editing Laboratory II

编辑实验室 II

For this course each student is required to “work” as editor of an experimental newspaper.

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