APSY Course List

GCNU1003 Speaking of Statistics


This course provides students with an understanding of fundamental statistical techniques commonly used in social science, business, and science today. The emphasis is on statistical thinking, concepts and data analysis. Students are required to solve a variety of problems using statistical packages.

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PSY4033 Special Topic in Psychology: Human Factors and Ergonomics


The content of this course depends on the interests and expertise of the lecturers involved in teaching it, and the needs and interests of the students. It provides an opportunity to explore topics of current relevance and importance.

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PSY3003 Theories of Human Personality


This 3-unit hour course is an examination of the major personality theories, including those proposed by Freud and his followers, learning theorists, trait theorists, social-learning theorists and humanists. Current research into personality, using modern methods, also is reviewed. We will describe and interpret the major theories of human personality, introducing the student to the main ideas and concepts of each theorist and theory, to attempt to understand the role of theory in the study, understanding and explaining of human behaviour. And we will also aim to draw from the related research, pertinent information and analyses of the respective theories and how theories and research can be practically interpreted and applied; to encourage active participation in the curriculum; to enhance skills in critical thinking regarding assessment of subjective areas of human psychology; to overview the major controversies in contributors to Psychology.

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PSY3013 Theories of Learning


The course in Theories of Learning attempts to integrate the cognitive, emotional and environmental experiences which form the basis of knowledge, skills and values that determine the individual’s view of the world. Theories of learning attempt to explain how these learning events occur and what is happening when people learn. This is what differentiates humans from animals, we know it!! A fundamental question surrounding this fact is how do we know? This is answered by exploring the bases of learning. The course will also provide an introduction to some of the most informative and influential psychological thinking of the twentieth century which explored the nature of learning. The course is designed to expose the student to important empirical and practical applications of learning. We will study the variables related to learning with the goal of understanding the principles of human development, educational achievements and therapeutic changes

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GCCH1003 University Chinese


This course aims to (1) help students to master advanced knowledge and skills in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing; (2) teach some of the advanced features of Chinese literature, and the interrelationship between literature, society and culture in ancient and contemporary China, and (3) develop students’ ability to analyse, evaluate and appreciate literary writings.

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